Royal Property Diaspora Division

We have a dedicated robust platform to cater for all Kenyans spread in all countries of the world to invest back home with our very affordable and prime properties (plots and land). Be it in America, Australia, Middle East, Europe, Caribbean, Africa, South America, Canada, AsiaEtc., we are reaching to all Kenyans and presenting a rare opportunity to secure your future.


  • Royal Diamond Properties Limited offers a wide range of real estate services. We specialize in land and plots for sale. We also educate our clientele in the importance of land investing, how to do it, where to invest in line with our Motto: Secure Your Future Today
  • All our projects have passed our extensive due diligence and qualified inall legal requirements.
  • Our entire plots and parcels of land has clearly labelled Bacons, after purchase you can immediately fence your property.
  • Be it for immediate residential or commercial developments, look no further since we procure guided by the government development blue print.
  • At Royal properties, we allow flexible payment through instalments that are convenient with you as our client.
  • We have dedicated very reliable 24/7 team to answer, engage with on any enquiry you might be having.
  • Our Diaspora Manager will facilitateyou in acquiring documents for example PIN, ID by connecting you to the Kenyan Embassy or the consulate near you, we are here to serve you by ensuring all the relevant documentation that will enable you own our properties back home and the process movesas seamless as possible.
  • Our range of properties are next to none, owing to our vast and knowledge of Real Estate industry, great outsourcing capabilities and identification of very prime plots and land in very developing areas and balancing very well on the pricing aspects.
  • We at Royal Properties are always committedto give you value for your hard earned money.
  • We have gone a notch higher in that we have Architectural Services that we offer at very affordable & friendly rates that include:
    • Architectural design & Approvals with the relevant authorities.
    • Interior design
    • Landscaping design
    • Construction /Implementation


  • At Royal Properties, we have dedicated a Diaspora Manager for you to engage with 24/7 every day,liase with him at also you can use our real time live chat on our website, this is not into limitation of engaging and following on us at our Facebook page and Twitter Page
  • We shall then send you our very updated subdivision maps that will contain all our prime properties that will aid you to choose your ideal plot or land that suits your need.
  • We recommend and encourage should you have a trusted relative or a person you trust to refer to us so as we can take themfor site viewing. This happens every Wednesday and Saturday and it is free of charge.
  • After being satisfied that this is the parcel of plot or land that you want, you can now make payments via poapay, Mpesa or through our provided Bank details provided on the Diaspora payments details platform.
  • To confirm payment kindly fill the form here and submit it. We will receive the details on our email address and give real time reply on the same confirmation.
  • You then send us, scanned copies of PIN ,ID or Passport and your passport size photo to
  • We shall send you an already attorney prepared sales agreement that you will fill and send back to us via soft.
  • Upon payment in full, we shall immediately provide you with a completion certificate. This can be given to your appointed and authorized person or else we can keep it safe in our custody till the time you visit Kenya and collect.
  • You are required to pick the title deed by yourself from our head office, Information House (opposite Afya centre),5th Floor Room 517, or send a person to do it on your behalf through an authorization letter signed by an attorney. We will also send you a soft copy of the same. We do not encourage sending a hard copy of the title via any means to avoid it landing to the wrong person unless it is the last option.


If you are buying land from an individual or a group, follow the following steps, we as Royal Diamond Properties Limited, we shall guide you as an investor on the entire process seamlessly, we shall do it for you:

  1. Ask to see the title deed or copy of title deed – Then do a search at the ministry of lands to confirm who the real owners are or if the title has any caveat on it. The search will cost you ksh 250. / $ 2.5
  2. Do a search with the local authorities to check of any unpaid land rates – if any agree with the seller on who will settle the debt. Point to note land cannot be transferred if there are unpaid land rates.
  3. Go to the Ministry of Lands and buy 2 maps –  one showing the exact measurements of the piece you are buying (called Mutation) and the other showing the neighbouring lands each of which that cost ksh 350. / $ 3.5. With your 2 maps and a surveyor (you can even do it yourself), visit the land you are buying and verify the details on the map. Check out all the beacons.
  4. Sit down with your seller and bargain on the price – Write down an agreement. The agreement can be done before the lawyer or you may decide to do it by both yourselves. It is not a must for it to be written by a lawyer, should you want to involve a lawyer, according to LSK (law society of Kenya),if the value of the land is below 1M / $ 10,000 ,you pay the lawyer ksh 3,000 /$ 30,if it is above 1M/ $ 10,000 you pay ksh 8,000 /$ 80 for the agreement. The spouse must be present if you are buying from an individual.
  5. Pay some amount or as per your agreement – Don’t pay everything even if you have.
  6. Book a meeting with the lands control board (LCB) – They meet once a month. It will cost you ksh 1,000 / $ 10, but there is a special LCB meeting which you can book at ksh 5,000 / $ 50. (For you to meet them quickly even before the month ends). LCB will issue consent for the land to be sold.
  7. Pay the remaining balance after getting consent from LCB –  With the consent from LCB, a receipt search (which must not be valid for not more than 6 months), clearance from county land rates, your 2 maps, the agreement, KRA PIN,2 passports and a copy of the title deed, go to the Ministry of Lands to change ownership. It costs ksh 5,000 /$ 50.
  8. At this stage, you no longer need the seller –  Now go and pay stamp duty that is according to the value of the land 4% of sale value in municipalities. or 2% of sale value in reserves.
  9. Now the land belongs to you, but before celebrating, go to the ministry and do another search to confirm if it really reads your name –  Upon verifying it reads your name, the land is now legally yours. NB: The charges indicated might be amended by the relevant authorities involved, should a need arise which will be communicated as per the gazettment as provided by the constitution.